Social media and website photography for Exclusive Hotel Group

I have had the huge pleasure of working with luxury hotel group Exclusive over the last year, providing imagery for their website and socila media feeds - this has been a real labour of love as it includes a swiss army knife of skills, which is always exciting.  I have shot Michelien quality food, beautful bedrooms, models, dogs, products and much more in someitmes hectic but always fun days.  I really enjoy heelping to bring Exclusive’s aesthetic vision to life - and helping them communicate their specific brand and customer experince centred ethos. Here are just a few of the many thousands of images we have produced.

Personal Branding images Winchester Hampshire

Talented musician Javier Moreno asked me to come to London & shoot his personal branding images after we met at a wedding he played at with his band Los Amigos (absolutely amazing by the way).  So we hit the mean streets of Brixton to make some images that reflected his urban cool, along with his warm and approachable personality.  

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